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BRITISH ARMY ‘VIRTUS’ 28mm miniatures

Modern British 28mm Virtus miniatures Firing Javelin FGM-148


I’ve been wanting to create these ‘current’ 28mm British Soldiers since I was about 11 years old! Though times have changed significantly since then. My first memory was seeing white metal miniatures on the tabletop at a school ‘hobby day’, and looking closely at their 58 pattern webbing, steel helmets and SLR rifles. Cutting edge stuff then – the SA80 was in it’s first evolution! I completely destroyed my Mums gas hob as I experimented with casting my own miniatures in rubber moulds, in a cloud of talcum powder and the smell of burining.

British Army 28mm Virtus miniatures Carrying Javelin
British Army Virtus 28mm Miniature – Carrying the Javelin FGM-148, whilst aiming down sights.

Time went by and life moved on, and some years later (ahem) after leaving Southampton University and going to ‘do it for real’, I eventually returned to the hobby – seduced by painting Napoleonics this time.. with a degree in Fine Art helping me a little along the way (I knew it would come in handy evetually!). Inspired by both current events and the advanced in the miniatures industry I eventually took the leap and started working towards a collection of current British Army soldiers. The first of which can be seen here; firing the Javelin AGM-148.

British Army 28mm Virtus miniatures Firing Javelin
28mm British Firing Javelin from the prone position.

Researching the details for the British Army’s current ‘Future Soldier’ loadout took a lot more time than was healthy. And then compressing those details to work effectively on a tiny 28mm miniature took even longer. I’m really pleased with the results though, and having now 3D sculpted so many equipment items and weapons, I’m really excited to grow the range and start using them all up. Posing realistic ‘strong’ firing positions and finding the correct angle for the body from the weapon when prone launching the Javelin, were just some of the ‘nerd level 10’ moments I’ve enjoyed on the journey to this first set.

British Army Revision Virtus Helmet with MTP Scrim Camoflague
One of the five optional heads – scrim covering the Revision Virtus Helmet, and also showing the Selex EZPRR (Personal Role Radio) with attached Thales GPS receiver.

4 thoughts on “BRITISH ARMY ‘VIRTUS’ 28mm miniatures”

  1. I look forward to these forthcoming minis, with a hope of an expanding range of not just British troops but opponents- insurgents etc.- but I realise it all takes time and money. Some of my current favourite minis are also in resin but not of the ‘home printed’ variety- they are far too fragile. Will these minis follow suit or will they be a little more durable?
    Best wishes for success!

    1. Hi Richard, thankss so much for the support – much appreciated! They are being printed by an industrial manufacturer (not home printed), and the design process also takes into account the important elements in designing for 3D miniatures – not just what looks great on the screen!

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