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British 28mm ‘Virtus’ equipped – Rifle Section Commander


British Infantry Rifles Section Commander, with ‘Brecon Point’

  • Equipped with up to date ‘Virtus’ personal equipment (2022 issue).
  • FIVE head variants available  to choose from! (one per purchase).
  • Also includes the new SA80 A3 rifle, Virtus helmet and body armour, Virtus daysack and PRR with GPS locator attachment.
  • An MDF base is also included.
  • Resin miniature in popular ‘heroic’ scale – a slightly ‘chunkier’ miniature which lends itself well to painting and accuracy of sculpting.
  • The figure is suitable for all current British Infantry command appointment figures, also Royal Marines and RAF Regiment.
Head options

Virtus Helmet + Normal Cover, Virtus Helmet + MTP Camoflague, Virtus Combat Helmet + Revision Wolfspider Goggles, Revision Virtus Combat Helmet + PARA Net, Bush Hat + Cut Down Brim


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