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GPMG – ‘Firing from the hip’ (British ‘Virtus’ equipped)


GPMG – ‘Firing from the hip’ (British ‘Virtus’ equipped)

  • Equipped with up to date ‘Virtus’ personal equipment (2022 issue).
  • Also includes the GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun), ‘Revision’ helmet and Virtus body armour, Virtus daysack and PRR with GPS locator attachment (not shown on images).
  • Resin miniature in popular ‘heroic’ scale – a slightly ‘chunkier’ miniature which lends itself well to painting and accuracy of sculpting.
  • The figure is suitable for all current British Infantry figures, also Royal Marines and RAF Regiment.
  • The fore grip on the GPMG is by Odin Systems.

28mm 'Heroic', 54mm – 1/32


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